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Based Ventures is a blockchain-focused investment firm that takes a unique approach to searching for undiscovered opportunities through extensive research. From helping to develop their cryptoeconomic systems to incentivizing community growth, we will be there alongside these projects. With our wide network in both the eastern and western parts of the world, we are confident of leveraging them to bridge and build strong communities and meaningful relationships.

Based Ventures是一家新加坡专注于区块链的投资公司,用独特的方法通过广泛并深入的研究来寻找尚未发现的机会。 从帮助项目提升代币经济模型到激励社区发展,我们将与这些项目并肩作战。 凭借我们在世界东、西方广泛的网络,我们有信心架起桥梁并建立强大的社区和有意义的联系。

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